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    Limited RF1 LT-2 "Tiger Edition"
The RF1 LT-2 “Tiger Edition“ is the second limited special edition, marking our
25th anniversary. Based upon the extensive “Style” equipment, the “Tiger Edition"
features a rich additional equipment with an anniversary price-tag.
  Limited RF1 ST-2 "Fox Edition"
Made for the 25th anniversary of rewaco Trikes is based on the
high-quality „Club“ equipment package, plus high-quality optional
equipment at a favorable anniversary price.
    The Trike catalogue

The rewaco Trike catalogue gives you a detailed
overview of our complete model range RF1.
    rewaco Trike Owners Club UK

The Rewaco Owners Club UK is a website dedicated and open to
RewacoTrike owners as well as all those who maybe interested.
    Trike-Meetings at a glance

All Trike-Meetings in Germany and Europe.
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The easy search of news and second hand trikes
around the clock.
    Experience a rewaco trike at its best – on the road.

Assure yourself of the dynamic and comfortable
riding quality of a rewaco trike.
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Experience the rewaco Trikes live and find inspiration
in the media metropolis of Cologne.
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